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Garden of Remembrance




Walking up past the Pavilion in Stanley Park and around the curve in the driveway, we see on our left "The Air Force Garden of Remembrance", an attractive garden of rockeries and flowering shrubs that was built and dedicated by The Women's Auxiliary to the Air Services on May 9, 1948 as a living memorial to the service, sacrifice and achievementof our gallant airmen.


Because it is a "living memorial" we do not lay wreaths during our memorial service. That is why everything in this garden has a specific reason for being there. Look for the large rock which forms a bridge over the stream and links the Garden with the rockery. This slab is from Siwash Rock. "Siwash" is an Indian word meaning "unselfish".


On a large stone by the pool, a bronze plaque bears the insignia of the Royal Canadian Air Force. A sandstone slab bears the insignia of the Royal Air Force and originally formed part of the Palace of Westminster. There is a granite stone bearing the insignia of the Royal New Zealand Air Force

as well as a sandstone slab carved with the crest of the Royal Australian Air Force.


Nearby is a rustic wishing well into which the Park visitors make a practice of throwing coins. The proceeds are collected and disbursed by the Auxiliary to Shaughnessy and Vancouver military hospitals for Veteran's comforts.


Dedication Photos and Garden Plaques

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