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Air Force Officers' Association

Est. 1920

Our Mission

The purposes of the Society are:


(a) To perpetuate the traditions of the flying services of the British Commonwealth and to preserve the spirit of unity and service which inspired the airmen of these services in war, that they may dedicate themselves in time of peace to the preservation of peace with honour and to the making of a better Canada.


(b) To honour the memory of fallen comrades.


(c) To provide for the meeting of members of the Association from time to time for the purpose of fulfilling these objects.


(d) To foster the growth and advancement of aviation.


(e) To provide support, when appropriate, to the furtherance of Air Force objectives, either directly or through other like-minded organizations.


(f) To grant financial assistance to deserving individuals for their education or training in civil or Service aviation.


(g) To conduct the affairs of the Society along non-sectarian, apolitical lines and always with the intention that the spirit of devotion, good fellowship and discipline will prevail.


(h) To administer the Battle of Britain Memorial Fund.

Directors & Officers


Robert A. (Bob) Reid



2nd Vice-President:


Past President:

Robert A. (Bud) White


John Higenbottam

Recording Secretary:

Jerrold E. (Jerry) Vernon

Membership Secretary:

Robert A. (Bob) Reid

Visiting Officer:

Wes Bowers


Nels Hagenson

Peter Thomas (Tom) Rogers

Neil Coward

Allan Snowie

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